Westex™, a Milliken™ brand

A World Leader in
Flame-Resistant Fabrics

The Westex™ Difference

We have delivered on our guarantee under the harshest test conditions, and in the field.

At Westex™, we pride ourselves on being one of the world’s largest producers of superior flame-resistant (FR) fabric. Backed by 150 years of Milliken™ innovation, we know what it takes to engineer a fabric.

  • Widest Range of Fabrics
  • Uncompromising Protection
  • Maximum Comfort
  • Patented Technologies
  • Lifetime FR Guarantee
  • Proprietary Processes

At the heart of our commitment is engineering: scientific expertise and advanced, custom-made equipment that guarantees flame resistance for the life of the garment.

Because Just Meeting the Standards is Not Enough

There is a great deal of science that goes into making any type of FR fabric, and the fabric is the key part of the garment’s Arc Flash and Flash Fire protection. At Westex™ , our proprietary technology gives us complete control over safety and comfort — from start to finish.

At Westex™ , our commitment extends beyond the critical engineering technology to internal and external testing and unmatched technical support, which comprises of the Westex™ Flame Resistant Guarantee and specialized softening process for the maximum comfort.

Some of our end-users

Our promise

Because when it comes to safety, we will not compromise. Every roll of fabric is completely traceable tracked and every step of the process via our ERP systems.

A legacy in pioneering protection

The Miliken™ Way:
a Global Success

With our proprietary technologies and state-of-the-art engineering, Milliken™ has been at the forefront of developing and improving products that have revolutionized the standards of quality and effectiveness for professionals and consumers. Apart from improving appearance, performance, and productivity, some of our products like our heat- and chemical-resistant fabrics have even helped to saved lives! Here are some of the areas where we operate.


Our Chemical team provides specialized innovations to help manufacturers improve the performance, appearance, and productivity of their products.


Rooted in the textile business since 1865, today we boast one of the world’s largest private textile research facility and 26 facilities across the globe.

Floor Covering

Milliken™ engineers have designed the cushion-backed carpet to absorb just the right decibel level of ambient noise, ideal for conversations.


Working alongside clinicians and field representatives, we tailored our innovations to create products that can enhance patient care.
The Milliken™ Way

Responsible Sustainable Manufacturing

We take full responsibility for sustainable manufacturing — from beginning to end. We address the waste that results from producing our products and commit to doing business with the highest ethical standards. We take environmental responsibility seriously. The first Milliken™ documented recycling policy was in the early 1900s, years before the Environmental Protection Agency was formed. To date, the company diverts 99 percent of its waste from landfills to places where it can be re-used or recycled. As a carbon negative-certified company, we capture and offset more carbon dioxide than we emit. A winner of the Ethisphere Magazine’s list of the “World Most Ethical Companies” since its inception, we take pride in doing good in the world by giving back to our community, sourcing responsible suppliers and inventing products that do good.