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Please note: as each customer’s use of our product may be different, information we provide, including without limitation, test results, recommendations, samples, care/labeling/processing instructions or marketing advice, is provided in good faith but without warranty and without accepting any responsibility/liability. Any test results reported are based on standard laboratory testing but should not be used to predict performance in actual fire situations. Each customer must test and be responsible for their own specific use, further processing, labeling, marketing, etc. All sales are exclusively subject to our standard terms of sale posted at (all additional/ different terms are rejected) unless explicitly agreed otherwise in a signed writing. Use caution near sources of flame or intense heat, and follow the care instructions —- do not launder with bleach or fabric softeners. Any FR lifetime guarantees are subject to the limitations and conditions in the forgoing terms of sale and care instructions. Westex, Milliken, Synergy, Dh Air, Ultrasoft, Allout, Insulair, Indura, Indigo TrueComfort, Vinex and CXP are Trademarks of Milliken & Company. Teijin is a registered trademark of Teijin Limited.