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Uncompromising Protection. It’s that simple.

Today, millions of workers across the globe need protection from arc flash, flash fire and other thermal hazards. At Westex™ , we are committed to consistently delivering the highest level of protection, comfort, and value in flame-resistant (FR) fabrics used to protect those workers. And we deliver on that commitment through purposeful innovation, advanced engineering and an unwavering commitment to education across all levels of the industry.

Some of our end-users

Educational Outreach

A partnership that goes
well beyond a sale.

As one of the world’s largest producer of flame resistant fabrics, we have made it our responsibility to educate the people who need it most — fabric purchasers and the workers that wear our fabric.

Through our extensive educational outreach, we have helped millions of workers better understand arc flash, flash fire, and other thermal hazards. Our provision of technical and educational information on industry standards and FR clothing empowers our customers to make the best choice for the safety of their workers.